Services addressed to private clients

The different investment policies made up on the most important international finan­cial markets enable:

  • the customer service to realise investment stra­tegies in the foreigner patrimonial manage-ment;
  • to find out the needs, the expectations, the disposition to risk, the preference for professio­nal answers and specific proposais;
  • the firms' business and the processing of data relating to the capital management in order to offer a detailed analysis of the management ends.

The warrant of trust enables:

  • the service for financial and legal establish­ments related to succession or reorganisation problems;
  • constant reporting, personalised service, professional consulting service;
  • flexibility of time and way of action.

As for the warrant of trust, executed strictly in confidence, we provide:

  • primary relations and privileged contacts with banks or financial institutions;
  • the use of advanced equipment and technology;
  • legal, fiscal and economical partners, both domestic and international.

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