Services addressed to the institutional area

Communication and corporate image

Study for communication programs aiming at increasing the corporate image, promotion of the corporate image in the sports and shows business through international channels.

Creation of international contacts

Study of the more suitable strategies, analysis of specific business and administration problems paying particular attention to the internationalisa­tion of the firm.

Planning and realisation of international activities

International management of foreign companies, choosing the more suitable market in order to satisfy the commercial and the financial needs of the company.

Domiciliation of foreign firms

Financial and administrative management of foreign firms and analysis of the possible com­pany problems as a whole.

Working out of international and financial strategies

Auditing of the financial area in order to plan and suggestion of intervention programs, regarding in particular the treasury. This includes the investiga­tion on the best technics and the best products in the field.

Service regarding the assignment of firms, the purchase of stocks, the listing of securities, and the capital increase.


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