Merchant Sports Bank

The Merchant Sports Bank, a body connected to Bank Investments, is specialised at finding company participating shareholders operating in all areas of competitive sports at an international, marketing and advertising level.

Today this group, in partnership with over 600 sports companies, has a 360 degree market penetration of the sports world, covering a range of sports from polo to snowboarding, football to skiing, sailing to car rallying and the list goes on...

360 degree Opening

The programme in its entirety has the capacity to provide 360 degree visibility to the various sponsors, and provide widespread exposure for an exceptionally wide range of products, not just in the competitive sports sector but in many other sectors, such as cinema, fashion or art.

Media Impact

All sporting events linked to diverse sectors included in operations are supported by a huge media network with specialised press and media networks that give wide coverage to each and every event.

Female Perspective

Under the auspices of the programme's diversification structure, the Universal Women's concept is being introduced in London. This new perspective concentrates on all areas of female interest, from women's sportswear fashion to career management for sportswomen, or any other area of womens interest.


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